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Binder DP Gauge

Differential pressure gauge supplied with mounting plate, hoses and binder test point probes used for differential pressure measurement. The gauge is connected to the system via binder test points. Hoses can be supplied in custom lengths to meet your requirements. 

The magnetic piston differential pressure gauge is ideal for differential pressure measurement where high overload protection is required. With options of 80mm or 100mm diameter, the gauge can be used on gas or liquid application and is particularly suitable for monitoring filters, pumps, pipe systems and cooling circuits.

The gauge works by having two pressure chambers separated by a magnetic piston. If there are different pressures in the chambers the magnetic piston is displaced against a compression spring. The magnetic piston transmits this displacement to the pointer by means of a ring magnet mounted to the pointer hub. The complete mechanical separation of the pressure chamber and display excludes the possibility of any pressure leak. 

This product is ideal for commissioning engineers looking to measure the difference between two different pressure systems.