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IMCA D 018 Examination & Testing Guidance

Caisson Gauge - 160mm Standard Design

The 160mm diameter standard caisson gauge for mounting inside hyperbaric chambers, caissons, living chambers & decompression chambers is used for measuring simulated depth (pressure) within the chamber.

The gauge is designed to be surface mounted within the chamber and features an internal sealed reference chamber set to atmospheric pressure by means of a manually adjustable balance valve located at the bottom of the gauge. In its standard design, the measuring element of this instrument is manufactured with a 1/4" BSP female connection that is sealed off, forming part of the internal reference chamber and balance valve arrangement.

This instrument is designed to be zeroed by opening the balance valve when the hyperbaric chamber is vented to atmosphere. We recommend this is carried out every time the chamber is used to ensure accuracy of reading.

Calibration: To check the calibration of this gauge, please note the instrument will need to be tested inside a pressure chamber. If bench calibration is required on site, we recommend our Premium Caisson Gauge, since this design can be calibrated in a similar fashion to a normal pressure gauge.

Please note that Standard Caisson Gauges can not be supplied with zero adjustment through the window, if this feature is required please refer to our Premium Caisson Gauge.

Standard caisson gauges are supplied from new with a Point to Point Calibration Certificate fully traceable to National Standards. Please note this gauge is calibrated to sea water with a specific gravity of 1.025 unless specified otherwise.

This gauge conforms to the IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) Diving Division Detailed Sheet Number 18 as per the IMCA Code of Practice on The Initial & Periodic Examination, Testing & Certification of Diving Plant & Equipment.