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IMCA D 018 Examination & Testing Guidance

Caisson Gauge - 250mm Premium Design

250mm diameter premium design caisson pressure gauge for mounting inside hyperbaric chambers, caissons, living chambers & decompression chambers; used for measuring the simulated depth (pressure) inside the chamber or used to measure the pressure within a pressure system operating inside the chamber.

The gauge is designed to be surface mounted within the chamber and is constructed around the workings of a conventional bourdon tube pressure gauge. This design allows the instrument to be bench calibrated in a similar fashion to other oxygen cleaned bourdon tube pressure gauges.

This premium design caisson gauge features a large internally sealed brass encapsulated pressure reference chamber. This design of caisson gauge is supplied with a 1/4" NPT male process connection (alternative connections available) which is left open to the atmosphere within the chamber when chamber pressure is to be measured.

Alternatively connection can be made to a seperate pressure system within the chamber such as bottled gas or hydraulic lines etc if the pressure within these systems needs to be monitored. As an alternative to the 1/4" NPT Male thread, this gauge can be supplied with a 1/4" female thread recessed into the case for improved aesthetics if required.

This gauge also features zero adjustment of the pointer through the front window as standard and can be constructed with an optional side mounted balance valve to refresh the internal reference chamber if required. Please note that this gauge is calibrated to sea water with a specific gravity of 1.025 unless specified otherwise.

This gauge conforms to the IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) Diving Division Detailed Sheet Number 18 as per the IMCA Code of Practice on The Initial & Periodic Examination, Testing & Certification of Diving Plant & Equipment.

Standard Ranges:

0-70 MSW / 232 FSW Part Number CAISSONP250070A

0-90 MSW / 298 FSW Part Number CAISSONP250090A

0-100 MSW / 332 FSW Part Number CAISSONP250100A

0-110 MSW / 365 FSW Part Number CAISSONP250110A

0-160 MSW / 530 FSW Part Number CAISSONP250160A

0-240 MSW / 796 FSW Part Number CAISSONP250240A

0-260 MSW / 862 FSW Part Number CAISSONP250260A

0-390 MSW / 1293 FSW Part Number CAISSONP250390A

0-400 MSW / 1326 FSW Part Number CAISSONP250400A