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Pneumatic & Hydraulic Pressure / Vacuum Test Pumps

The Ashford Instrumentation Pneumatic AIMECP Series Test Pump are high performance hand operated pneumatic and hydraulic pumps that allow the user to generate both pressure and vacuum for precise testing of pressure instrumentation including pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and pressure switches.

Our pneumatic pump  will allow pressures in excess of 35 bar (350 Meters Sea Water) to be generated with just a few strokes of the pump. By switching the valve to vacuum, a range of -900 Millibar (-0.9 Bar) is available.

Our hydraulic pressure test pumps work with a variety of hydraulic fluids or even water to easily generate pressures up to 700 Bar (10000 PSI). The hydraulic pump uses a unique fully adjustable stroke control to allow for fast priming or filling of test systems, and then switching as needed to a smaller stroke for easier pumping at high pressure

The output of all of our pumps can be fine tuned using the vernier control. A precision needle valve allows controlled venting for exacting pressure calibration requirements.

Pneumatic Model AIMECP100 air - features a single 1/8" FNPT port

Pneumatic Model AIMECP500 air - features a 1/4" FNPT port on the top and a 1/8" FNPT port on the side.

Hydraulic Model AIMECP10K oil & water - features two 1/4" FNPT ports, one on the top and one on the side, and a separate 1/8" FNPT port for use with pressure relief valves only