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Tank Contents Gauge "Automatic Reading" - Model TCG02

Model TCG02 - battery operated "automatic reading" remote tank contents gauges use the hydrostatic principle of proven reliability and simplicity.  It can be used on water, fuel oil, creosote, paraffin, lubricants and tanks containing more aggressive chemicals. The instrument gives accurate and reliable measurement and is easy to install. It is suitable for tanks up to 8m deep (depending on liquid specific gravity) with a viscosity up to 350 sec 

The instrument incorporates a timer and pump that automatically gives an accurate contents reading at pre-set intervals. This simple measuring principle requires minimum installation time and gives important advantages in the safe measurement of volatile liquids.

Operation: The Model TCG02 incorporates a cyclic timer that actuates the electronic pump which charges the system with air under pressure and purges the tank contents from the balance chamber that is located at the bottom of the tank. Once the system has been purged excess air escapes via the balance chamber vent into the tank. Once purging is complete the head of liquid in the tank will compress the air in the balance chamber. This resulting back pressure in the balance chamber is indicated on the gauge and is always proportionate to the head of liquid in the tank.

The timer can be adjusted to actuate from every 1 to 48 hours depending on tank contents usage. Pump running time is also adjustable to suit tank depth and tube length although this is initially custom set by the factory based on the customers data provided. There is also a Test Level Button which is an override facility that can be operated at any time to give an instant content reading.

The gauge unit can be mounted at any position, and may be disconnected at any time without upsetting the calibration. Maintenance is not normally required as there are no moving parts external to the gauge unit.

Calibration: Each gauge unit is individually calibrated and scaled to customer requirements with scales in litres, gallons, tonnes, Kg, % etc. This design is suitable for rectangular & cylindrical (horizontal or vertical) tanks.

Installation: The gauge can be mounted in any convienient position up to 200m from the tank without affecting the reading. The gauge is suitable for indicating the quantity of liquid in a rectangular or cylindrical tank and can be mounted above, below or at the same level of the tank. There is no need to empty the tank before fitting the unit.  The balance chamber can be inserted through the boss at the top of the tank and should be allowed to touch the bottom of the tank. Remember to install the batteries before readings commence.