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"Magnehelic" Pressure, Vacuum & Differential Pressure Gauge - Series 2000

The Magnehelic differential pressure guage features a frictionless movement giving rapid measurement for low air or non-corrosive gas pressure with a guaranteed accuracy of 2% full scale reading.

The instrument can be used to measure pressure, vacuum or differential pressure and is suitable for applications found on fan & blower equipment, filter resistance, air velocity, furnace draft and pressure drop across oriface plates. The magnehelic gauge can also be used to check gas-air ratio controls, automatic valves and for monitoring blood and respiratory pressure in medical care equipment.

Magnehelic gauges have a pair of process connections located in the back and the side of the cases (those ports not to be used must be blanked off). Both ports are to be used when a differential pressure is to be measured, when measuring pressure or vacuum one port is left vented to atmospheric pressure. Magnehelic gauges can be panel mounted or mounted directly to a pipe with diameters between 1.25" and 2".

For room mounting we suggest the gauge is mounted within the ABS A-320 Weatherproof Surface Mounting Enclosure which is water tight and corrosion resistant. We also recommend that the tube end is fitted with the CRT filter to protect the exposed open end.