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Immersion design thermometer

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Pipe Clip Surface Reading Thermometers - 80mm Diameter

80mm diameter pipe clip surface reading thermometer is designed for pipe diameters up to 60mm where an immersion design thermometer cannot be used.

This thermometer can be manufactured with a variety of extension pieces to allow for lagging material up to 60mm deep.

The thermometer is supported by a base unit which is held against the pipe by a hose clamp, both these components are supplied with the thermometer as a complete unit.

When installing, care should be taken to ensure the thermometer is in tight contact with the pipe. We recommend a small amount of thermal paste is used to ensure effective heat transfer. The connection to the pipe should also be lagged to reduce heat dispersal.

Caution: As this product has an IP50 rating, we do not suggest it is used outdoors unless it is protected from water ingress.