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Mercury Expansion Thermometers - 100mm& 160mm Diameter

Mercury expansion thermometers with 100mm & 160mm diameter suitable for most heating & ventilation applications such as heating systems, boilers, chilled water systems, steam systems, pipe work, air conditioning units etc.

Technical Note: Please note direct mount mercury expansion thermometer stems are supplied with a 50mm stand off above fitting nut.

Caution:  Metallic Mercury can present a significant toxic challenge to those people who are exposed to it. Even though metallic mercury is relatively non-toxic if ingested (it normally passes through the digestive system, and little is absorbed), inhalation of mercury vapour poses the major hazard to health. The problem arises because of the vapour pressure of the liquid element at room temperature significant amounts of toxic vapour are released into the atmosphere from even milligram quantities of metallic mercury, and this can have serious effects on the health of persons who may breathe in the vapour over a prolonged period of time. In the event of mercury spillage, click here for advice on clean up.