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Photo of Ray Temp 8 Kit

Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer Kit - Ray Temp 8 -60C/+500C

The RayTemp 8 portable gun style thermometer is a 2 in 1 hand held instrument featuring infra red non-contact temperature measurement as well as a plug-in type K thermocouple probe supplied in a carry case complete with anti-bacterial probe-wipes.

For infrared non contact measurement the instrument features a laser dot for easy alignment. Lightweight and compact, simply aim and pull the trigger to display the temperature of the target on the large LCD display. Auto power off facility that turns the instrument off after 60 seconds maximises battery life.

For use with a type K thermocouple, the RayTemp 8 incorporates a miniature socket that enables a wide range of thermocouple probe designs to be used.

The kit comes complete with a penetration design probe and optional surface temperature or air probes are also available. The Ray Temp 8 Thermometer can be supplied with a point to point calibration certificate if required.