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Matching 160mm Pressure Gauge
HVAC Thermowells
Model Type 12 Series

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160mm HVAC Bimetal Thermometer

160mm HVAC bimetal thermometer developed specially for the requirements of the heating & ventilation industry and features the traditional black steel case with chrome finish (or polished stainless steel) bezel.

This product is ideal for a variety of applications such as heating and chilled water systems, boilers, steam systems, pipe work, air conditioning units and general utilities. Each thermometer is supplied with a fabricated thermowell and retained with a stainless steel grub screw.

Please note this product is not recommended for use outside or in damp or wet environments, for such applications we suggest our Model TYPE12 Series.

Ashford Instrumentation can also supply a matching 160mm diameter pressure gauges, the details of which can be viewed here.