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100mm Premium Series Fire Sprinkler Pressure Gauge
100mm Economy Series Fire Sprinkler Pressure Gauge

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Loctite 5061 Data Sheet

Self-Seal No-Loss Connector

The brass No-Loss Connector, also know as a Check Valve is designed for use on Fire Sprinkler Systems to safely enable a pressure gauge to be removed without the need to manually isolate. The self-seal design has the process thread coated with Loctite 5061 which is a noncuring, non-toxic aqueous  based thread sealant enabling the valve to be used without the need for an additional process seal to be used.

The spring mechanism within the valve compresses when the pressure gauge is fitted to allow the valve to open and automatically closes the valve when the gauge is removed to prevent any pressure loss. This valve can also be used on some water tanks to safely allow the fitting of a direct reading tank contents gauge.

Typically this product is used in conjunction with our 100mm pressure gauge usually ranged 0-16 bar on sprinkler systems.

Maximum working pressure 16 Bar @ 40C.

Maximum process temperature 95C but maximum working pressure reduced to 6 bar.

Please note that once installed a suitable pressure gauge should be immediately fitted. In the event that the gauge needs to be replaced and no gauge is immediately available then a blanking plug must be fitted.