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Binder Style Test Plugs - Brass Body

Binder style brass test plug with screw connection and rubber self-sealing insert. Predominantly used on pipework installations allowing easy tapping points when testing, maintaining & commissioning HVAC installations. The test points are designed to be used with our range of pressure and temperature binder style instruments which are available in our Binder Test Kits.

Cap retaining straps are supplied black as standard although optionally red straps are available for hot water applications and blue for cold water applications and a stainless steel option is also available. .

Safety Note: Test Point Maximum Recommended Temperature 120C. We do not suggest this product is used on water applications above boiling point as the sudden venting of the system to atmospheric pressure can be extremely dangerous. Maximum Pressure Rating 35 Bar (500 PSI).

Disclaimer : Please note for heating and chilled water installations Ashford Instrumentation Ltd or any of its suppliers take no responsibility for the use of certain chemicals, inhibitors or biocides used in conjunction with our test points. Overuse of the chemical, a too concentrated mixture or a mixture of different chemicals can cause a reaction with brass resulting in stress corrosion cracking of the test plug. Ashford Instruemntation Ltd or any of its suppliers can not be held responsible for any adverse reaction to the brass test point or plugs from chemicals used. If in doubt please ask or seek advice.