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SPMK 700 Master Digital Pressure Test Gauge - Accuracy 0.025% FS

With advanced microprocessor technology and high-tech silicon pressure sensors, the SPMK 700 series digital pressure gauges provide an accurate, reliable, and economic solution for a wide range of pressure measurement and test applications.

With pressure ranges available to 2500 Bar (36000 PSI), the SPMK 700 features a large screen backlit  display and 10 selectable pressure values.

With standard accuracy of 0.025% Full Scale the SPMK 700 is ideally suited for the calibration of pneumo gauges and bench calibrated caisson gauges. To ensure the master equipment maintains an accuracy of at least 4 times greater than the gauge under test, we recommend the following:

SPMK 700 Range                       Pneumo / Caisson Gauge Range

0-40 Bar                                      0-400 MSW to 0-160 MSW

0-14 Bar                                      0-140 MSW to 0-70 MSW

0-6 Bar                                        0-60 MSW to 0-25 MSW

When calibrating Meters Water Scales it is important to use the correct conversion factor, especially when using Meters Sea Water Scales that are not always scaled to the same specific gravity.

When calibrating an Ashford Instrumentation bourdon tube caisson or pneumo gauge manufactured in the UK the following conversion factors should be used.

Fresh Water @4C: 1m = 0.09806 Bar / 1 Bar = 10.1972 MSW

Sea Water S.G 1.025: 1m = 0.1005 Bar / 1 Bar = 9.9502 MSW

Our range of direct drive caisson and pneumo gauges that are manufactured in the USA have a slightly different conversation value as follows:

1 Meter Sea Water = 1.46042 PSI  /  0.10069 Bar