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Hand-Held Portable Pneumatic Pressure / Vacuum Test Pumps CPP30

The Ashford Instrumentation CPP30 Pneumatic Hand-Held Test Pump is ideal for testing, adjustment and calibration of all types of pressure measuring instruments in laboratories, workshops or on-site. Special features include ergonomic handling, precise setting of pressure via a fine adjustment valve and compact design.

Despite the compact size, the CPP30 enables simple and accurate test pressure generation up to 500 PSI (35 Bar) and with a press of a change-over switch, vacuum generation down to -13.75 PSI (-950 Millibar) is also possible using the same unit.

The CPP30 can be purchased on its own or as part of a calibration kit comprising all or some of the following:

14124906 - CPP30 Pneumatic Hand Pump

12139786 - Service Kite For CPP30 Pneumatic Hand Pump

12139689 - BSP Fitting Adapters

12140422 - Metric Fitting Adapters

12139701 - NPT Fitting Adapters

12139573 - Plastic Case With Foam Insert 395mm X 293mm X 106mm