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63mm Standard Diver Panel Gauge

63mm  bourdon tube pressure gauge suitable for standard diver breathing systems.

This gauge conforms to the IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) Diving Division Detailed Sheet Number 19 Life Support Gauges as per the IMCA Code of Practice on The Initial & Periodic Examination, Testing & Certification of Diving Plant & Equipment.

This gauge have been designed for commercial diving companies who are not concerned with compliance to the S2 specification safety guidelines of the European Standards EN 837 - 1 relating to pressure gauges for use on degreased applications or gas applications above 25 bar. Please note that for those companies based or operating within Europe we strongly suggest they use our safety version of this gauge details of which can be found here. As this gauge does not confirm to the safety requirements of the European Standard EN837-1 we do not recommend this gauge to be used on any gas application above 25 bar

The gauge conforms to IMCA Life Support Gauge specification as per Detail Sheet 19 of the February 1999 Code Of Practice.

This bourdon tube design is suitable for all gaseous and liquid media that are not highly viscous and that will not solidify, crystallize, attack or corrode brass.

Technical Note: OXYGEN. IMCA D 022 Rev 1 (May 2014) Chapter 9 Gas Handling Section 9.6 notes that "Any gas mixture containing more than 25% oxygen by volume should be handled like pure oxygen"