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Subsea Instrumentation

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Subsea Monitoring / Pumping Pressure Gauge - 100mm Diameter

100mm dial bourdon tube pressure gauge for monitoring subsea applications where the head of sea water needs to be taken into account. This instrument features vacuum scales with ranges beyond the conventional -1 Bar Vacuum.

Under normal circumstances in standard atmospheric conditions 1 bar vacumm is the maximum that can be achieved as once you have fully evacuated a vessel there is nothing further to remove. However, on certain applications it is possible to have ambient pressures at considerably higher pressures such as those found subsea where for every 10 meters depth you are adding approximately 1 bar to the ambient pressure when comparing to sea level.

These borndon tube instruments are suitable for all gaseous and liquid media that are not highly viscous and that will not solidify, crystallize, attack or corrode 316 stainless steel.

Please note this gauge is not intended to be submerged in water or operate in any environment other than standard atmospheric air pressure. For gauges that are intended to be used subsea, please click here for details.