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AIDOS-008 Deadweight Tester - 1400 Bar Oil 0.008% Reading

Oil operated Deadweight Testers are the basic primary standard for the accurate measurement of pressure. These are typically used for the calibration of numerous pressure instruments such as pressure gauges and transmitters, pressure switches and relief valves

No other calibration device can match the stability, repeatability and accuracy of a deadweight tester which is universally recognised as a calibration standard. Deadweight testers have a piston cylinder with a known surface area upon which a calibrated load (weight) is placed to make an equilibrium with an applied pressure underneath the piston. This applied pressure is generated by the hydraulic pump within the deadweight tester and pressure is increased or reduced by winding the operating spindle. As more pressure is applied, further weights are added to the cylinder to bring the system back into equilibrium.

If the deadweight tester is to be used to calibrate pressure instruments used on oxygen or degreased applications, we suggest an oil/water separator is used.