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Oil operated deadweight tester

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Oil / Water Separator For Degreased or Oxygen Calibrations

Pressure gauges marked with the crossed oil can logo or the word “oxygen” on dial must be absolutely clean from oil and grease. Ideally these devices would be calibrated on air or water but many liquid calibrators are oil based which must not be used on degreased instruments.

 Our oil/water separator guarantees and absolute separation between the reference liquid of the calibration equipment and the device under test so oil based calibrators can be safely used to calibrate degreased instruments. Our separator can also be used to protect the calibrator from contamination from gauges being tested which may cause unnecessary wear or damage.

Separation is maintained by a Viton rubber sac with a safe liquid such as water or alcohol being used on the instrument side of the separator. The sac is fitted into a test chamber which is filled with calibration oil and connected to the master calibrator (deadweight test etc). Bleed screws are provided to bleed air from the test liquid and the calibration oil. The sac can be easily dismantled for cleaning and replacement.

This device is ideally suited to be used in conjunction with oil operated deadweight testers.