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Air Operated Portable Calibration Laboratory

The Ashford Instrumentation Pneumatic Portable Calibration Laboratory is ideal for on site calibration where calibration using air is preferred  over hydraulic oil.  The kit includes everything needed to calibrate pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and pressure switches.

The kit comprises:

SPMK 700 Digital Test Gauges With Accuracy 0.025% Full Scale

SPMK 213H Pneumatic Portable Bench Mounted Comparator Pump

BSP & NPT Stainless Steel Adaptors

High Pressure Gas Connection Pipe (For In Situ Testing)

Robust Aluminium Carry Case

The SPMK Digital Test Gauge has a nominal 120mm diameter and features an easy to read backlit display. The The push button display can be scaled in Pa, kPa, MPa, mmHg, kfg/cm2, cmH2O, mmH2O, PSI, Mbar & Bar values. Supplied with a high accuracy of 0.025% FS, the SPMK 700 test gauges can be selected based on the measuring range and accuracy of the instrument under test.

The SPMK213H Portable Low Pressure Comparator is a hand operated pneumatic pressure test pump is designed to generate pressures from 95% vacuum to 40 bar (600psi).

Two hand-tight quick connectors installed on the pump allow easy connecting and disconnecting to the test pump without the need for PTFE tape or wrenches. The SPMK213H is an ideal comparison test pump for calibrating pressure measuring instruments such as test gauges, indicators or transducers in the field or laboratory.