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Tank Contents Gauge "Electronic Bubbler Push To Read" - Model TCG01

Model TCG1 - battery operated "push to read" remote tank contents gauges use the hydrostatic principle of proven reliability and simplicity.

When a level reading is required simply push the operating button and an updated contents value is indicated on the dial display. This simple measuring principle requires minimum installation time and gives important advantages in the safe measurement of volatile liquids.

Operation: The electric pump charges the system with air under pressure and purges the tank contents from the balance chamber that is located at the bottom of the tank. Once the system has been purged excess air escapes via the balance chamber vent into the tank. Once purging is complete the head of liquid in the tank will compress the air in the balance chamber. This resulting back pressure in the balance chamber is indicated on the gauge and is always proportionate to the head of liquid in the tank.

The gauge unit can be mounted at any position, and may be disconnected at any time without upsetting the calibration. Maintenance is not normally required as there are no moving parts external to the gauge unit.

Calibration: Each gauge unit is individually calibrated and scaled to customer requirements with scales in litres, gallons, tonnes, Kg, % etc. This design is suitable for rectangular & cylindrical (horizontal or vertical) tanks.

Installation: The gauge can be mounted in any convienient position up to 200m from the tank without affecting the reading. Installation is simple, remove the front cover and mount the gauge with 4 fixing screws supplied. Them remove the lower face plate and connect 4 X AA Batteries. Insert the balance chamber through a 1" or 1.5" BSP tank boss on top of the tank allowing it to rest on the tank bottom, then tighten bush and capillary clamp. Connect the tube to the gauge unit. There is no need to empty the tank.