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Operating & Installation Manual

Hydrostatic "Manual Bubbler" Liquid Level Gauge - Model TCG04

The TCG04 "bubbler" liquid tank contents gauge uses the hydrostatic principle of proven reliability and simplicity requiring no power supply.

Operation: The instrument requires minimal installation time and offers important advantages in the safe measurement of volatile liquids. By operating a small hand pump fixed at the botom of the guage, the system is charged with pressurised air. Liquid in the system is displaced from the balance chamber at the bottom of the tank and excess air escapes into the tank via a vent in the balance valve. The resulting pressure in the balance chamber is indicated on the gauge and is directly proportionate to the head of liquid in the tank.

The gauge can be mounted at any position up to 30m from the tank and can be disconnected at any time without upsetting the calibration. Maintenance is not normally required as there are no moving parts external to the gauge. Each gauge is individually calibrated and scaled to customer requirements for rectangular or cylindrical tank and scaled in Litres, Gallons, Tonnes, Percentage etc.

The balance chamber is inserted through the top of the tank through a 1" or 1.5" BSP tank boss and allowed to rest on the bottom of the tank. There is no need to empty the tank during installation.

Minimum depth 1m with scale over 270 degrees. Lower depths are possible with reduced scale.