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FL100 Float Switch Options

FilSafe100 Multi-Channel Tank Monitoring System - High / Low Level Float Alarms

The FSU100 FilSafe Series is a multi-channel tank monitoring alarm system that can be configured in a number of ways including the provision of an over-fill level alarm for up to 8 tanks. The FSU100 FilSafe is most commonly used on water or diesel tanks. 

Each FUS100 FilSafe is extremely versatile and can be configured for a variety of applications such as:

  • High Level Alarm For Up To 8 Tanks
  • High & Low Level Alarms For Up To 4 Tanks
  • High, Low & Bund Alarms For Up To 2 Tanks

The FSU100 control box is designed to be used with our range of FL100 series Float Level Switches. Up to 7 different Float Switch options are available, please see the FL100 Float Switch data sheet attached for options available.

Features Include:

  • Monitoring of up to 8 tanks
  • Versatile 8 Alarm Positions / Channels
  • Normally Closed Contacts As Standard
  • Mains Powered 230C
  • 110V or 24VDC Options
  • Built In Sounder Alarm

Each model has a test and mute button as standard. Each channel has a dedicated red alarm light that illuminates when the switch is functioned so Model FSU101 will have a single red alarm light but, for example, Model FSU107 will feature 7 red alarm lights.

Model Numbers:

  • FSU101 - 1 Channel
  • FSU102 - 2 Channel
  • FSU103 - 3 Channel
  • FSU104 - 4 Channel
  • FSU105 - 5 Channel
  • FSU106 - 6 Channel
  • FSU107 - 7 Channel
  • FSU108 - 8 Channel