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Vibrating Fork Level Switch - ATEX (Liquids & Granular/Powdered Solids)

Our VFLS ATEX Series vibrating fork level switch are suitable for level detection of liquids or granular, powdered solids. Units with parallel vibrating forks are suitable for liquids, units with non-parallel vibrating forks are suitable for solids.

Model VFLS-ATEX (Liquids) Series is suitable for liquids only.

Model VFLS-ATEX (Solids) Series is suitable for solids only

Typically mounted on pipes, silos or hopper bins, vessel filling or emptying as well as pump control can be controlled using these devices. They can also be used for  failsafe alarms providing overfill or dry run protection.

The operating principle is based on the electronic circuit exciting the fork probe making it vibrate. As the medium reaches and covers the fork its vibration changes or stops. When the process media falls below the level of the probe, the probe is free to start vibrating again. The electronics sense this change of vibration and gives and output signal after a selected delay. Plastic coated probes are recommended where an aggressive medium is present and highly polished probes should be used on abrasive mediums.

The PNP/NPN transistor output versions can be connected directly to a PLC, or relay unit. The VFLS Series vibrating forks are able to solve switching tasks of high current loads with the help of the VFLS-UNICONT PKK switching amplifier. The VFLS-UNICONT PKK-312-8 Ex intrinsically safe switching unit is designed to serve Ex-rated vibrating forks.

Typical applications can be found in  food & beverages, animal feed, chemical & oil industry.