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Mechanical Flow Indicating Gauge - Standard Design

This mechanical dial indicating flow gauge continuously monitors the flow rate whilst optional electrical switches can be specified to signal when a specified flow rate has been reached. It operates on the variable orifice / swing vane principle.Inlet flow makes direct contact with a spring-loaded valve plate (vane) which pivots off centre within a hemispherical cavity.

This vane is directly linked to the indicator shaft allowing the instrument to display a high flow range with a linear relationship between flow rate and vane displacement.

The flow through design means pressure drop is confined to an absolute minimum and each instrument is individually calibrated to ensure maximum accuracy. Installation footprint is minimal as no straight pipe run is required before or after the instrument.

The versatile design allows for orientation to be mounted in any position and the device will also act as a non-return valve. Typical applications include water, petroleum based fluids, air & gases, coolants and solvents.