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Tank Contents Gauge "Continuous Reading With External Diaphragm" - Model TCG05

Model TCG05 - continuous reading tank contents gauge with external diaphragm transmitter mounted at the bottom of the tank. This instrument is ideal for use on diesel, paraffin, lube oil, printing inks, kerosene, potable water and many chemical and corrosive liquids found in the chemical industry.

The TCG05 operates on the hydrostatic principal where pressure due to head of liquid is sensed by the diaphragm in the transmitter head. The diaphragm deflects and this deflection is transferred to the indication dial via the capillary tube to give a continuous reading of level. This gauge is suitable for installation on any shape or size of storage vessel that is freely vented to atmosphere. The transmitting diaphragm, which sits within its own housing outside the tank, should be fitted close to the bottom of the tank as it will only measure the tank contents above this tapping point. Standard process fitting is 3/4" BSP male with self closing valve. Dial graduations and scales are freely available to meet the customers requirements and the indicating dial  can be supplied in 100mm or 160mm diameters.