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FL100 Float Switch Options

FilSafe101 Single Tank Over-Fill Level Alarm System

The FilSafe 101 Tank Monitoring Alarm Unit provides an over-fill alarm for 1 tank and is most commonly used on diesel oil or water tanks and helps to avoid liquid spillage.

This mains powered unit is designed for continuous monitoring and incorporates a built in alarm sounder.

The alarm box,  featuring a 4-digit display and test and mute buttons, is designed to be surface/wall mounted. The alarm box is connected to a cast aluminium connection head that is designed to be fitted to the top of the tank via a 1" BSP brass male thread. As standard the unit is supplied with the FLA101A float level switch (see attached link for alternative switches). The FLA101A comprises a polypropylene float that is suspended below the connection head in the tank at the high level point and held in place via rigid brass tube. 

The unit is CE marked and fitted with full fitting instructions.