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Direct Drive Pneumo Depth Gauge - 4.5" Diameter Stainless Steel Case

The Ashford Instrumentation Ltd 6" Direct Drive "Helical Movement" Pneumo Gauge with stainless steel case has been specifically designed for the commercial diving market. Under certain circumstances direct drive bourdon tube gauges can offer a number of safety & technical advantages over a conventional C-tube design as there are no gears, linkages or springs to wear, break or maintain. Click HERE for further details.

This  precision pressure gauge has been specially designed  for diver depth monitoring or for measuring the pressure within a hyperbaric chamber offering the ability to zero the pointer via an adjustment screw located on the front of the gauge.

Available in 4.5" diameter the Stainless Steel Case Direct Drive Pneumo Gauge is fully degreased and is designed for commercial diving applications where oxygen enriched breathing air is being used. With an accuracy of 0.25% full scale, an easy to read mirror band dial and knife edge pointer the Direct Drive Pneumo Gauge is built to American ASME B40.100-2005 Standard.

As meters sea water scales do not have an Internationally recognised value, please note that the sea water scales on our range of direct drive gauges are manufactured with 1m sea water equalling 1.46042 PSI (0.10069 Bar).

As standard our Direct Drive Pneumo Gauges are supplied as 3-hole front flange with lower back entry although panel mount clamp fixing and surface mount with 3-hole back flange mount is also available.

This gauge conforms to the IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association) Diving Division Detailed Sheet Number 18 as per the IMCA Code of Practice on The Initial & Periodic Examination, Testing & Certification of Diving Plant & Equipment.

Note - Please note that as this gauge is manufactured to the American Standard ASME B40.100-2005 it differs in certain respects to pressure gauges manufactured to the European Standard EN837-1 & 2. For applications where there is a requirement to comply with the requirements of EN837-1 & 2 we suggest you see our Premium Pneumo Gauge, details of which can be found by clicking here.