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"Pneumo Sport" Depth Gauge - For Breathing Air (Diameters 150mm to 300mm)

The Ashford Instrumentation Ltd Pneumo Sport Gauge is a  precision pressure gauge used for diver depth monitoring or for measuring the pressure within a hyperbaric chamber but manufactured without some of the pointer adjustment and safety features of more expensive models.

Available in 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm and 8.5" diameters with a black powder coated steel case and 160mm diameter with a 304 stainless steel case, this entry level pneumo gauge is fully degreased, manufactured with a blow out device  and is designed for commercial diving applications using breathing air and still features 0.25% accuracy, mirror band dial and knife edge pointer. Whilst still built to the same high standards as our Standard and Premium Pneumo Gauge, the Sport Design does not have the through dial zero adjustment feature or the full safety pattern case required for oxygen service. 

If zero adjustment is required please see our Standard Pneumo Gauge range or our Premium Pneumo Gauge range.

The Pneumo Sport Gauge is fully degreased and the dial is marked with the crossed oil can symbol in red and the wording USE NO OIL. The European Standard EN837-1 is also marked on dial on ranges to 25 bar. As sea water scales do not have an Internationally recognised value, please note that all of our instruments are manufactured with a sea water specific gravity value of  1.025 which is marked on the dial.

As standard this instrument is supplied as 3-hole front flange with lower back entry although panel mount clamp fixing and surface mount with 3-hole back flange mount is also available. Bezels can be manufactured in a range of powder coated colours including red, green and yellow.

Please note that according to the European Standard EN837 - 1, gauges used on gas or air applications above 25 Bar or on any oxygen service regardless of the pressure range should be of a safety pattern "S3" design which includes a solid baffle wall and blow out back. We do not recommend this gauge for oxygen use or for use on applications above 25 bar. If you are considering using this gauge on an oxygen application or if it is to be used in Europe with a range above 25 Bar (250 Meters Sea Water) we strongly suggest you use our Premium Pneumo Gauge.