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Switch Functions & Definitions
Wiring Instructions

Pressure Gauge With Electric (Non-Contact) Switch Function - 100mm & 160mm

Pressure gauges can be supplied with three types of electric alarm contacts: Electronic (Non-Contact) which this data sheet relates to , Electromechanical (Sliding design or Magnetic Snap Action design) and Inductive (Non-Contact).

General Information - Electronic

Electronic contacts are made up of non-contact electrical displacement pickups (proximity switches). They consist of:

ØAn adjustable red setting pointer

ØA carrier arm which is connected to the setting pointer and carries the control head with the complete encapsulated electronics

ØA control flag which is moved by the gague pointer

A contact adjustment lock allows the user to adjust the setting pointer to the value at which the unit has to switch.

The gauge indicating pointer can freely move beyond the selected set point of the electrical contact which remains active allowing accurate measurement still to be made to the full scale of the instrument.

Electronic Contact – Principle of Operation

The slot type proximity switches used on the electronic contacts are simple 2-wire or 3-wire DC voltage switches. Due to the slot design, the proximity switches are also referred to as slot initiators. The electromagnetic field is concentrated between the opposing coils. The switch is activated when the aluminium control flag moved by the gauge pointer reaches the gap between the two coils (the slot). The signal is generated without a delay according to the movement and position of the gauge pointer. The switching behaviour of the PNP switches used in these contacts is usually defined as a normally open contact.

Due to the non-contcting switching function, the high switching accuracy and the long service life, electronic contacts with PNP outputs are ideal for any type of industrial applications.  

Switch Performance 

Supply Voltage – 10-30 V

Switch Rating – <100mA

Switching Accuracy – Approximately 0-5% of Full Scale Value

Operating Temperature -   -25/+70C

Adjustment Range – 5-95% of Measuring Range