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Inconel 625 Pressure Gauge - 100mm & 150mm

100mm & 150mm stainless steel case pressure gauge with Inconel 625 bourdon tubes are designed for applications in the chemical and petrochemical industry. All standard bar ranges are available from 0-60 bar to 0-400 bar.  

Inconel 625 bourdon tubes offer excellent protection against pulsating pressure up to full scale range and excellent level of resistance against corrosion without the need for an expensive diaphragm seal. Standard accuracy class is 0.6% FSP to EN837-1 and over-pressure protection is up to 50% of full scale.

These instruments are suitable for all gaseous and liquid media that are not highly viscous and that will not solidify, crystallize, attack or corrode Inconel 625. The gauge is designed for applications according to the European Standard EN837-1 and can be supplied fitted to our range of chemical or hygienic seals.

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