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Piston Style Diaphragm Gauge - 50mm to 160mm Diameter

Piston style diaphragm seal gauge is ideal for the pressure measurement of abrasive media found in mining, tunnel construction, waste conveying systems, concrete pumps, plastering machinery, waste water, drilling rigs and ceramic processing applications.

Abrasive media will rapidly destroy conventional chemical seals which have a typical thickness of only 0.5mm. However our piston style gauge features a 6mm thick stainless steel piston which offers extremely high protection against the effects of abrasion, and any process related wear on the diaphragm has no effect on the measurement result.

This gauge can be supplied in ranges from 10 to 600 Bar and in dial sizes from 50mm to 160mm. The design is robust and extremely reliable with outstanding shock and vibration protection for arduous applications.