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Differential Pressure Gauge - 100mm "Bravo Series" DP to 25 Bar, Static 25 Bar

100mm diameter differential pressure gauge "Alfa Series" for gaseous & liquid media which has low viscosity and is non-corrosive to brass or stainless steel. Particularly suitable for monitoring filters, pumps & pipe systems.

The gauge incorporates two pressure chambers separated by an elastic diaphragm. Differential pressure in the chambers causes an axial deflection of the diaphragm against a pressure spring which is proportional to the pressure.

This deflection is transmitted to the instrument's mechanical movement by a rod and the differential pressure is directly indicated by the gauge pointer. The diaphragm is held by metallic supports at both sides providing an overpressure safety of up to 25 bar.

Differential pressure ranges between 0-250 Millibar and 0-25 Bar are available all with maximum static pressure of up to 25 bar.