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Differential Pressure Gauge - Piston Design - 80mm & 100mm, DP to 10 Bar, Static 400 Bar

Piston style 80mm & 100mm differential pressure gauge for applications where there are high static presures involved.

This DP gauge is suitable for gases and liquids which are not highly viscous. The gauge operates by having two pressure chambers within the gauge separated by a magnetic piston. If a difference in pressure is detected in either chamber the piston is axially displaced against a spring.

This displacement is transmitted from the piston to the pointer via a rotary magnet mounted within the pointer hub. The complete mechanical separation of the pressure chambers and the display excludes the posibility of a leak.

Differential pressures from 0-250 Millibar to 0-10 Bar are available with static pressures up to 400 Bar. The instrument can be direct mounted with side entry or panel mounted with a 3-hole front flange.

Single or double alarm contact options are also available.