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Differential Pressure Gauge - Opposing Bourdon Tube Design - 100mm Diameter, DP to 60 Bar

100mm Diameter Opposing Bourdon Tube Differential Pressure Gauge "Echo Series" for use on gaseous and liquid media which have low viscosity and are non-corrosive to brass or stainless steel.

Particularly suitable for monitoring the pressure drop across filters, pumps and pipe systems. The gauge incorporates two independent bourdon tube systems, each designed to be exposed to the pressure system on either side of the element of which the pressure drop is to be measured. 

Each bourdon tube system has its own pointer (black for high pressure and red for low pressure) and both static pressures are displayed on the dial face. The red pointer for the low pressure reading is fixed to a second rotating scale from which the differential pressure can be read.

This second scale is displayed as 50% of the range of the gauge and is dual printed either side of the zero point so that differential pressure can be measured regardless of which pressure port is reading the highest pressure.

Differential pressure ranges from 0-600 Millibar to 0-60 Bar are available with static pressure on each leg limited to the maximum range of the gauge.

Mounting can be either direct mount bottom entry or surface mount 3-hole back flange.