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ATEX Pressure Gauge With Integral Pressure Transmitter - 100mm

ATEX certified 100mm pressure gauge combines the benefits of a conventional pressure gauge with advanced reliable electronics which transmit an intrisically safe 4-20mA signal.

The intregral hall-effect sensor measures the deflection of the pressure element and provides an electrical output signal proportional to the applied pressure. These instruments are suitable for all gaseous and liquid media that are not highly viscous and that will not solidify, crystallize, attack or corrode brass.

This class 1 accuracy (1% full scale deflection) gauge is designed for applications according to the European Standard EN837-1 and features a removable bayonet lock bezel to allow access into the gauge should adjustment be required. Electrical connection is made via the side mounted terminal box, additional options include full safety pattern case design.

Ashford Instrumentation also offer a wide range of suitable isolation & control valves to accompany this product, click here for details