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Portable Pressure & Temperature Chart Recorder - Bench Mounted (223mm or 300mm Charts)

The Ashford Instrumentation Ltd 12" portable chart recorder for pressure and temperature measurement is housed within the world-renowned PELI case which is manufactured from impact resistant reinforced lightweight polyethylene. PELI cases are water and air tight and manufactured from corrosion proof materials. The one piece IP67 construction moulded from lightweight high impact polyethylene is temperature resistant between -23C and +99C and is compact enough to meet most aircraft "carry-on" regulations.  

This portable instrument can be manufactured with up to 3 channel inputs for temperature and / or pressure measurement.

Scales available include 1 Hour, 4 Hours, 12 Hours, 24 Hours or 7 Days and each recorder is supplied with 100 charts and extra felt tip pens. Drive can be manufactured as either battery operated or mechanical spring-wound. .

The Ashford Instrumentation Ltd range of bench mount, wall mount, panel mount and portable PELI case chart recorders are available in a range of chart sizes. Please CLICK HERE for further details.

Pressure & temperature inputs can be configured 3 X Pressure, 2 X Pressure & 1 X Temperature, 1 X Pressure & 2 X Temperature of 3 X Temperature.