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Inline Hygienic Seal

Inline diaphragm seals can be manufactured with hygienic end fittings for applications in sterile environments or with flanged process connections for more industrial or utility applications.

Inline diaphramg seals can be used with with pressure gauges, pressure switches and pressure transmitters. Inline selas are ideal for use with a flowing process media typically found in pipelines.

The seal forms an integral part of the process line and as such measurement is not affected by flow turbulence, dead legs, corners or other obstructions within the flow progile.

As the seal fits directly in the pipeline and sealed at each end with a flange connection there is not need to all for any special conections. Inline seals come in a wide variety of nominal widths so it is easy to select a seal to match the process pipework.

This hyginiec seal can be supplied fitted to our our range of stainless steel pressure gauges or pressure transmitters.

Ashford Instrumentation also offer a wide range of suitable isolation & control valves and manifolds to accompany this product, click here for details