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Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer - Ray Temp 28 -50C/+1370C

The RayTemp 28 is a professional portable gun style non-contact thermometer with dual laser dot alignment. This 2 in 1 hand held instrument features infra red non-contact temperature measurement as well as a optional plug-in type K thermocouple probe.

The thermometer incorporates a 30:1 optic ratio (target distance/diameter ratio), which enables users to measure small targets from a distance or any item that is difficult to reach.

The thermometer features a three-button keypad, allowing the user to select the mode required, i.e. max, min, differential or average temperatures, view the max/min and configurable high/low alarms. Adjustable emissivity allows the user to measure a variety of surface types.

The RayTemp 28 has a clear, easy read, custom LCD display that features a backlight for when ambient light levels are low and an auto-power off facility that turns the instrument off after 35 seconds maximising battery life. Each unit is housed in a robust IP54 splash-proof case to help reduce the possibility of damage in harsh environments and is supplied in a protective ABS carrying case.

The RayTemp 28 incorporates a miniature thermocouple type K probe socket that optionally enables a wide range of type K thermocouple probes to be used for a variety of temperature measurement applications including air, liquid and surface temperatures.

Please note the standard RayTemp 28 is supplied with a plastic carry case exclusive of probes.