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Over Range Protector Valve - Protection 3 Bar to 350 Bar

An Over Range Protector Valve is designed to protect an instrument or part of a pressure circuit from exposure to pressures higher than they were designed to see. Over Range Protectors are often used to protect pressure gauges or test gauges from the effects over pressure.

The valve automatically closes at a set pressure and will re-open once the pressure drops below approximately 30% of the set point. The set point is either factory set for ease of use or can be set on site anywhere within the setable range.

By using Over Range Protectors it is possible to measure lower pressures with greater accuracy by selecting a measuring instrument with a lower range than the maximum pressure that could occur in the process without damage to the instrument.

As well as supplying process valves, Ashford Instrumentation Ltd can also supply an extensive range of pressure gauges and pressure transmitters.