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Ball Valve - Three Piece

The Ashford Instrumentation Ltd three-piece ball valve can be supplied in a reduced or full bore design and is inline with the industry standards.

Three-piece ball valves can be used on an extensive variety of applications and many "special build" options are available. The design of the valve body is such that graphite contamination is now a thing of the past. Further benefits of this product include a mounting platform on the body for ease of ancillary mounting whilst retaining valve integrity , the three piece valves inherent ease of maintenance and it’s compact lightweight design means it’s the valve of choice for many industries around the world.

The Ashford Instrumentation Ltd three-piece ball valve is available in sizes 1/4" to 4" in a range of materials and with a variety of end connections including hygienic tri-clamp arrangements.

As well as supplying process valves, Ashford Instrumentation Ltd can also supply an extensive range of pressure gauges and pressure transmitters.