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Locking Handle Data Sheet

Ashford Instrumentation Bar Stock Needle Valve With Lock Off Handle

Ashford Instrumentation bar stock stainless steel needle valve with lock off handle.

Used for the isolation of pressure instruments such as pressure gauges and for the regulation or throttling of flow within a pressure system. This product is suitable for the use on liquids, gas or vapour service and fitted as standard with an anti-tamper free-spinning device to prevent unauthorised operation.

The lock off device is manufactured from a non-ferrous zinc alloy which will not rust and uses a patented locking system that is fully weather and tamper proof. Unlike other security devices, the lock off device can be keyed alike so that multiple valves can be secured with the convenience of having only one key. Each magnetic key is coded to match the lock so simply sliding a magnet into the recess will not defeat the lock.

As well as supplying process valves, Ashford Instrumentation Ltd can also supply an extensive range of pressure gauges and pressure transmitters.