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Drawing AIA1
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Ashford Instrumentation Bar Stock Needle Valve Male/Female - Generation 200 Series

Ashford Instrumentation male/female bar stock needle valve Generation 200 Series is manufactured in the UK from 316 stainless steel bar stock and can be manufactured with either Graphoil or PTFE packing depending on the temperature requirements of the application. 

Used for the isolation of pressure instruments such as pressure gauges and for the regulation or throttling of flow within a pressure system.

Features include bonnet locking pin, safety lock nut and hard stem tip. This product is suitable for the use on liquids, gas or vapour service and can be supplied Female/Female (Model AIA1FF), Male/Female (Model AIA1MF), Right Angled Body (Model AIB1MF), In-Line with Vent Plug (Model AIE1) and In-Line With Bleed Plug (Model AIF1)

As well as supplying process valves, Ashford Instrumentation Ltd can also supply an extensive range of pressure gauges and pressure transmitters.