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Infrared Thermometer With Integral Type K Probe

The Infrared temperature probe kit comprises the infrared thermometer, a type K thermocouple penetration probe and a tub of 70 probe wipes all contained in an ABS carrying case.

The portable gun-shaped infrared thermometer that is lightweight and simple to use. Simply aim and pull the trigger to display the temperature of the item being measured. The thermometer displays temperature over the range -60/+500C. The instrument has a clear, easy to read LCD display with low battery indication and incorporates an auto-power off facility that turns the instrument off after 60 seconds maximising battery life. Now featuring an eight dot circle laser indicator which allows you to precisely target the diameter of the area to be measured. As you move closer or further from the target the laser circle changes diameter. The instrument has a three-button keypad that allows the user to select C/F  and max/min. Additionally, the difference between the max and the min temperature and average temperature can be displayed.

The instrument also incorporates a miniature thermocouple type K socket that enables a wide range of type K thermocouple probes to be used for a variety of temperature applications including air, liquid and surface temperatures.