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Ball Valves

The Valves & Manifolds Division of Ashford Instrumentation offer high end and high quality ball valves distributed "world-wide" into demanding applications such as HVAC, chemical, food & drink, utility and power generation markets.


Ball Valve Stainless Steel - One Piece Ball Valve Stainless Steel - One Piece

Ball valve, one piece with reduced bore internal sealing face. This lever handle operated valve is ideal for isolating stainless steel pressure gauges where the process temperature may reach up to 150C (200C optional).As well as supplying process val... VIEW MORE

Ball Valve - Three Piece Ball Valve - Three Piece

The Ashford Instrumentation Ltd three-piece ball valve can be supplied in a reduced or full bore design and is inline with the industry standards.Three-piece ball valves can be used on an extensive variety of applications and many "special build" op... VIEW MORE

3-Way Stainless Steel Ball Valve 3-Way Stainless Steel Ball Valve

The Ashford Instrumentation 3-way stainless steel ball valve is available with either 2 way (L Port) or 3 way (T Port) operation. Attached to this data sheet is a drawing detailing the flow positions available.... VIEW MORE

"LNG" Liquid Natural Gas Ball Valve - Generation 200 Series

"LNG" Liquid Natural Gas Manually Operated Cryogenic Ball Valves from our Generation 200 Series is specially designed for the isolation of gases and liquids at very low temperatures.... VIEW MORE