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Flanged & Screwed Thermowells & Pockets

The Ashford Instrumentation range of thermowells are used to protect temperature sensors from the process conditions as well as to allow the removal of the temperature sensor without having to shut down the process. Ashford Instrumentation have an extensive and varied range of fabricated and solid drilled thermowells which can be supplied with our range of mechanical or electronic temperature sensors. A wide range of thermowell testing is also available including pressure testing, dye penetration, x-ray, positive material identification (PMI), heat treatment to NACE MR0175, magnetic particle inspection, oxygen cleaning as well as ultrasonic and charpy impact testing. Metallic thermowells can be supplied with flanged or screwed process connections in a range of materials or with protective coatings or linings for applications up to a maximum temperature of 1200C. Above this ceramic thermowells should be used.      


HVAC Thermowells - Fabricated Design HVAC Thermowells - Fabricated Design

Fabricated thermowells can be supplied for all of our HVAC range of thermometers in either brass, 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel depending on the application. Standard construction allows the thermometer to be retained by a side mounted s... VIEW MORE

Hygienic Thermowells - 1.5 & 2 Hygienic Thermowells - 1.5 & 2" Triclamp

Hygienic thermowells manufactured from 316 stainless steel with 1.5" or 2" triclamp process connection. This ultra clean product can be used in conjunction with thermocouple or RTD assemblies as well as our range of stainless steel thermometers.... VIEW MORE

Subsea Thermowells Subsea Thermowells

The Ashford Instrumentation range of subsea thermowells are designed to be used with our range of subsea mechanical thermometers and subsea resistance thermometers. A wide range of testing is available for subsea thermowells including press... VIEW MORE