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Pressure Conversion Chart
Dimensional Drawing 63mm Bottom Entry
Dimensional Drawing 63mm Back Entry & Panel Mount

Pressure Gauge - 63mm Full Safety Pattern Design

63mm full safety pattern bourdon tube all stainless steel pressure guage designed to comply fully with all the the safety guidelines of the European Standards EN 837-1 relating to pressure gauges for use on all oxygen or acetylene applications and general air/gas/vapour applications above 25 bar.

The case design features laminated safety pattern glass window, solid internal baffle wall and blow out back to safeguard the operator in the event of a failure of the bourdon tube. The bourdon tube design is suitable for all gaseous and liquid media that are not highly viscous and that will not solidify, crystallize, attack or corrode stainless steel. These gauges are manufactured dry case although glycerine or silicon filled case is also available but should never be specified or used on oxygen applications.

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